Introducing Mac, iOS and RubyMotion Testing on Travis CI

Today we’re very thrilled to announce official support for Mac, iOS and RubyMotion applications and libraries on Travis CI.

To make this possible, we’ve partnered with the great folks at Sauce Labs, who are providing us with the infrastructure to run tests for your open source projects on the Mac platform.

Sauce Labs is a leading provider in cloud-based web application testing, and they’re sponsoring the Mac cloud that’s powering this new part of Travis CI. Thank you Sauce Labs, you’re awesome and we love you!

We’ve been beta-testing the new platform for a while now, and thanks to projects like CocoaPods and Sam Soffes’ SSKeychain we’re confident that you’ll enjoy this new and exciting part of Travis CI.

You can also check out the iOS app LetterpressPlayer and DPMeterView for more examples of projects running on the Mac platform.

For a RubyMotion example project, check out BubbleWrap.

How does it work?

Sarah Hodne has worked hard on making the integration as simple as possible, and did a great job on it too.

The build setup supports CocoaPods too, so if you have a Podfile in your project, Travis CI runs pod install automatically.

We run Justin Spahr-Summers’ objc-build-script by default, a nice wrapper around xcodebuild with better error handling, but you’re of course free to customize the build however you see fit!

How can I get started?

To get projects to run on our new Mac setup, we added a new language to our already pretty large mix of supported platforms.

Just add the following line to your iOS library, Mac application or RubyMotion project:

language: objective-c

Boom, you’re done!

For all the available options that customize the build and for the specifics of the Mac build environment, check the documentation and the example projects listed above!

Can I test the same project on Mac and Linux?

At this point, you can only run projects on either platform. We’re looking into supporting multiple platforms for the same project in the future.

When will this be available for private repositories?

Soon! Hit up support if you like to get in on the early beta test for that.

Happy Mac and iOS testing! We’re very excited about this new platform available for the open source community. Thank you Sauce Labs for providing us and the community with the infrastructure to enable more language and platform communities with free continuous integration!

Make sure to read the Sauce Labs blog post too!