GitHub Services integration deprecation

As of today, January 31st, 2019, GitHub will stop sending events for repositories connected via their Legacy Services Integration. You’ll find more information about this on the GitHub Developer blog .

After this deprecation, Travis CI will continue building and testing your repositories as usual.

Your account and legacy services

Update: as of February 1st, 2019, every GitHub repository connected to Travis CI using a legacy service hook has been migrated to webhooks.

Over the last month we’ve been working with GitHub to migrate any repositories using Travis CI that are connected to GitHub using a legacy service hook, to the newer webhooks. See the Travis CI Changelog update, migrating from GitHub Services .

For the majority of your repositories, this transition has gone smoothly without any issues. On your end, you will not need to take any action and you’re good to go as if nothing changed!

Unfortunately, there are a few repositories which we’ve been unable to migrate yet. We’re continuing to work with GitHub on moving them over as fast as possile. However, this does not mean that you will experience any issues - we have ensured that GitHub services will continue running while your repositories are moved over to webhooks.

If you have repositories at, and would like to speed this up, head to your account repositories page and use the “Activate & Migrate” option to start using GitHub Apps.

There’s more information about this in the Legacy services to GitHub Apps migration guide.

If you have repositories on that you would like to migrate to and GitHub Apps, please drop us a line following the beta tester instructions for open source repositories.

Travis CI Enterprise and legacy services

GitHub Enterprise Server will also stop supporting Service Hooks, although these changes will take a bit longer to take effect.

Right now, we support GitHub Enterprise Server via Travis CI Enterprise and as of January 31st, 2019, the latest GitHub Enterprise Server version is 2.15.

The following release schedule has been published by GitHub:

  • GitHub Enterprise Server 2.17: GitHub Enterprise Server release 2.17 and higher will discontinue allowing admins to install services.
  • GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20: GitHub Enterprise Server release 2.20 and higher will stop delivering all installed services’ events.

The timeline

Starting with Travis CI Enterprise 2.2.5, all new repositories are connected via webhooks, which means that new setups will be exempt from any issues when GitHub Enterprise Server 2.17 is released.

If you’ve got any questions please reach out to us the Community Forum or email us.

Thank you all for reading, and a big special thank you to GitHub for their continued help during this transition.