GitHub, Microsoft, and what this means for Travis CI

GitHub, Microsoft, and what this means for Travis CI

Last month GitHub announced they were being acquired by Microsoft, news that generated a lot of attention in the software industry. As we currently exclusively support GitHub as a version control and source code management platform, we felt it important to outline our view of the pending sale, and what it means for Travis CI and our customers.

At Travis CI, we are very excited about the acquisition announcement. We have worked with both GitHub and Microsoft over the years and know this match will be good for both companies. GitHub will gain a parent company with years of industry experience, resources that enable scaling, and the ability to broaden their enterprise network enormously. Microsoft will add an innovative product to their portfolio, one positioned firmly at the centre of the industry’s burgeoning remote-work culture, and one which facilitates Microsoft’s desire to maintain a relevant and active connection with the open source software community.

We also think the sale is good for the industry as a whole. It is an emphatic signal that companies like Microsoft now see open source software tools as critical to their business, and that they desire a contributing, supportive role in the ecosystem these tools are part of. We expect this level of support to benefit everyone, especially developers.

For Travis CI specifically, we look forward to a range of things the GitHub-Microsoft partnership affords: a well-funded and supported partner; continued commitment to our service as a 1st-class GitHub integration; opportunities to support Windows workloads; and increased engagement with Enterprises.

At Travis CI we are excited to see what can be accomplished as the industry continues to mature and more partnerships between established leaders like Microsoft and up-and-coming innovators like GitHub form.