GitHub Satellite Pre-Conf Meteorup!

We'll have more of our Travastronaut stickers, as well as our brand new Tessa the Builder stickers, debuting at the Meteroup!

We’re excited to sponsor another great conference, GitHub Satellite, taking place in Amsterdam on Wednesday, May 11th. Before we all converge on this day for a great lineup of talks, we’re hosting a meetup, or Meteorup if you will (get it?!), the night before with our friends from Opbeat and Heroku at the super cool Ton Ton Club, also located in Westergasfabreik.


Date: Tuesday, May 10th Time: 18:00 - 22:00 Location: Ton Ton Club Registration: RSVP here.

Look out for our CEO, Mathias Meyer, our Head of Enterprise, Danish Khan, and our Chief Happiness Officer, Duke, who will be there to talk all things Travis CI, coffee, and/or bacon! I heard Duke is looking for someone to go toe-to-toe at Skeeball. Challenge her if you dare!

Also in attendance will be our awesome cohosts, Rasmus Makwarth and Ron Cohen from Opbeat, and Lily Li from Heroku.

See you all in a week!

Ton Ton Club at 6pm, make sure to RSVP.