Opening up the Ubuntu Trusty beta

We’re very excited to announce that the Ubuntu Trusty beta is now available for everyone!

This build environment is fully virtualized, using a brand new Google Compute Engine virtual machine for every build. This means you have full sudo access and the ability to do things that require custom kernel modules, etc.

We’ve been using the Trusty beta under the hood of the support for using Docker in your builds for a while but it’s now ready for more people to try out and use daily.

The Trusty beta is currently providing a single mega image for the build environment for most languages. This image is currently more limited in what runtimes and services are pre-installed by default, than what’s available in our Precise build images, so you may need to add additional custom steps to your .travis.yml file to use it.

A brief summary of what’s installed in the current mega image includes:

  • Docker 1.8.2
  • docker-compose 1.4.2
  • Python (w/ pyenv)
  • Ruby (w/ rvm)
  • Go (w/ gimme)
  • Node.js (w/ nvm)
  • Java 1.8 (and common builds tools)
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Redis

We do not currently have PHP pre-installed but phpenv is available.

We are hoping to expand what’s installed, including things like MySQL, MongoDB, etc in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for news as we release updates to the Trusty images.

To get started with the Trusty beta add the following keys to your .travis.yml file. This is enabled for public and private repositories.

sudo: required
dist: trusty

For more details on what’s in the current build environment, see our Trusty CI Environment documentation.

If you need any help with getting things working on Trusty, please email us at