Build Environment Update Announcement Process Changes

In the past, when we plan a build environment updates, we wrote a brief blog post announcing upcoming changes.

Unfortunately, the reach of these announcements was rather narrow, and users were often caught by surprise when their builds started failing suddenly.

We are going to change the process, starting the next update scheduled next week (December 9 for, December 11 for

No more blog post

There will be no more blog post announcing the udpate after this one. These tend to clutter our blog.

Build Environment Updates History

Going forward, separate documents will chronicle build environment updates.

Atom Feed for Build Environment Update

We have created an Atom feed to which you can subscribe in order to keep abreast of these updates.

Build Environment Update Announcement Mailing List

You might have also noticed a little blurb in the build email:

We have set up a mailing list to announce the updates, and you can sign up now!

Next Update is Next Week

As mentioned above, the next update is scheduled next week. You can find the details here.

We hope that these changes will make our build environment updates more transparent.

Happy testing!