Minor language updates - September 2014

Three minor language updates are scheduled at 14:00 UTC on the 5th of September for both travis-ci.org and travis-ci.com.

Perl VM

  1. ExtUtils::MakeMaker is updated to the latest version in all runtimes (6.98 as of this writing).
  2. The 5.18-shrplib and 5.20-shrplib runtimes now has the extra -Duseithreads compile-time flags, and they are also known as 5.18-extras and 5.20-extras.


5.6.0 was officially released on 28th of August, and we will offer this version pre-installed with this update.

xdebug will be updated to 2.2.5 on PHP 5.3.3 and 5.5.9 to be the same as the other php environments.

We’ve also updated phpunit to 4.2.4 on the php/hhvm machines to fix some regreations in phpunit 4.2.2.