Test PHP Code with the HipHop VM

Late last week, the HipHop VM team shipped version 2.3.0 of their JIT-based virtual machine for PHP.

Not only does this release use 20% less CPU in Facebook’s production environment than the previous version, comes with support for FastCGI, it’s now also natively supported on Travis CI!

Testing your PHP code on the HipHop VM is easy, just add hhvm as your desired PHP version:

  - hhvm

For inspiration, check out all the projects currently working on adding support for HipHop VM in their build matrix.

There are a few open issues left, but if you run into any problems, report them either to our issue tracker or to the HipHop team!

To learn more about HipHop, be sure to check out this post describing the HipHop VM architecture and the details the team continuously publishes on their own blog.

A big thank you to Loic Frering for the work he’s contributed to make HipHop VM available on Travis CI!