Test Your Java Libraries on Java 8

Java 8 is close to general availability and being officially shipped as a stable release. It’s coming packed with lots of goodies, including Lambdas!

I don’t know about you, but I’m rather excited about what’s in stock for it. Heck, almost the entire Travis CI stack runs on the JVM by way of JRuby.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Oracle JDK 8 Early Access is now available for testing on Travis CI!

The fine folks at Oracle (and us, of course!) would love for you to try it out and make sure all bugs and issues are ironed out before the general release.

To start building your projects on JDK 8, update your .travis.yml to include oraclejdk8:

language: java
  - oraclejdk8

This is a great opportunity to not only make sure your code runs properly on the upcoming release, but also to report any bugs that come up trying it out. The folks from Oracle would love to hear your feedback, be it bugs, issues, or success stories. For deeper discussion, make sure to follow the JDK 8 mailing list

JRuby is already testing on JDK 8, now it’s your turn!

To find out about all the goodness included in Java 8, TechEmpower has a great blog post with lots of detail and here’s a great list of resources on lambdas and streams.

Java 8 Early Access SDKs are available on travis-ci.org today, and we’ll have it available on travis-ci.com later this week!